Luxury Senior Living Care Home in Ogun State, Nigeria

Government Licensed and Approved

Luxury Senior Living Care Home in Ogun State, Nigeria

Government Licensed and Approved

Where elders not just live, but thrive.

We are committed to providing care in Nigeria to UK standards. Here is how we make this possible:

Trained Staff Who Care

The heart of our personalised care and service lies with our trained and qualified staff. Our elders deserve the best, so we hire the best.

Nutritious Meals & Snacks Daily

We ensure that our elders consume nutritious and personalised meals and snacks every single day to keep them healthy.

Safe, Serene & Secure Premises

We have 3 levels of robust security on the estate, our compound and in our buildings. And the soft breeze will remind you of the beach.

24/7 Electricity

Our robust and reliable infrastructure ensures that our residents enjoy 24/7 light. Even if NEPA disappears for weeks.

9-Level Filtered Water

Our water is not only safe to drink, but also filtered on 9 levels. This means it is even “purer” than bottled water you buy outside.

Entertainment, Games & Activities

Our residents enjoy a wide range of fun activities that keep their hands moving and their minds stimulated.

Health Insurance and Regular Check-Ups

When it comes to health, all bases are covered. Our elders benefit from regular check-ups by trained and qualified physicians.

Government Licensed & Approved

We are a serious business, so we never cut corners. We conform to all Nigerian government regulations and standards – and even go above and beyond them.

We Care About the Elderly

Watch the video below to learn more about us and why we are so committed to providing the best possible care to Nigerian elders.

Would you like to know how you or your loved one could live in @Ìtọ́jú?

Our Core Values

These 6 core values are the foundation of our service. Everything we do at @Ìtọ́jú is infused with these values:

  1. Trustworthiness
  2. Caring
  3. Competence
  4. Professionalism
  5. Joyfulness
  6. Reliability

When we say that we are committed to providing care to UK standards, we mean it. Our unique professional experience and qualifications make this possible.

A Family Business with Heart ❤️

At its heart, @Ìtọ́jú is a family business. The leadership comprises of a husband, wife and daughter team who are especially qualified to meet the high demands of the service.

Dr. Fatai Badmus

Chief Executive Officer

“We look forward to a Nigeria where, through our trail-blazing activities and unique approach to caring for the elderly, the prospect of growing old no longer strikes terror into the hearts of very large segments of the population.”

Mrs Adenike Badmus

Chief Operations Officer

“Our primary motivation in this endeavour is the urge to do whatever we can to make the latter years of the elderly as meaningful, comfortable and beautiful as possible.”

Mrs Lily Chibuzo

Director of Administration, Marketing & Hospitality

“My task is to maintain and develop an exceptional environment where our beloved elders thrive. A true home where they can laugh, play, be joyful and be at peace.”