Learn More About @Ìtọ́jú and Why We Care.

Learn More About @Ìtọ́jú and Why We Care.

We Care About Your Story

Your story probably sounds something like this:

A few decades ago, you had what was considered a very active life, with a full hand of work building and looking after your family. Your spouse too was very busy. Together you managed to birth and nurture a sizeable brood, who have each become very successful in their respective vocations and fields of activity.

Surreptitiously (it seemed), things started to slow down. Not because the world was slowing down; no, if anything, the pace of events around the world was quickening. It became clear rather quickly that you were the ones slowing down. The body seems these days to demand a reduced pace; more rest, even.

Perhaps this is what is called getting old? You are sure, but then, not so sure. All your children have grown up and left home. Some of them are now abroad, in places so far away that even if there was no visa problem, the mere thought of going to visit them leaves both of you mentally and physically drained. And in any case, the children are all so busy with work and raising their own families that their visits and calls are increasingly few and infrequent these days.

As the needs of you and your spouse increases, the more difficult it becomes to maintain a high quality of life. Traditionally, the children or other family are the ones to look after you, but your children are either too far away or you don’t want to be a burden to them. They already have enough on their plates.

And then after some time, it becomes increasingly more challenging to care for yourself and your spouse adequately. You initially resist the idea, but eventually admit to yourself that you need help – qualified, professional help.

But from where?

It would be so nice to have a place where either or both of you could move to.

A Senior Living facility around Lagos.

A place where you could receive personalised, high quality care based on UK standards.

This place exists; it’s called @Ìtọ́jú!

Our founding mission:

“@Ìtọ́jú was conceived for one purpose: To provide the best possible care in the best possible surroundings for our beloved elders in Nigeria – because they deserve it so much.”

Who Are the Real People Behind @Ìtọ́jú?

In more ways than one, @Ìtọ́jú is a family enterprise. Conceived by family; run by family; with services delivered by family; for the benefit of the elders entrusted to us, who quickly become our family.

Our husband-and-wife Founders are Dr. Fatai Badmus (Medical) and Mrs. Adenike Badmus (LD Nurse, Advanced Social Worker and Specialist Best Interests Assessor). They lived and worked in many countries abroad for many decades.

In the course of their travels and careers, they realised that the provision of care for elderly loved ones in Nigeria has sizeable gaps.

The lack of high-quality, “abroad-standard” elderly care in the country, as well as the burning desire to leverage their huge combined wealth of skills and experience for the benefit of fellow Nigerians, prompted them to establish @Ìtọ́jú.

Their founding vision:

“We look forward to a Nigeria where, through our trail blazing activities and unique approach to caring for the elderly, the prospect of growing old no longer strikes terror into the hearts of very large segments of the population.”

Meet Our Uniquely Qualified Leadership Team

The operational directors between them have very high business, medical, nursing, social care and technical proficiency, translating to over 80 years of joint customer services and very widely varied corporate and business management experiences.

Not only do they know how to do things properly and committedly, but crucially, they know how not to do things, to ensure successful outcomes.

Dr. Fatai Badmus

Chief Executive Officer

“We look forward to a Nigeria where, through our trail-blazing activities and unique approach to caring for the elderly, the prospect of growing old no longer strikes terror into the hearts of very large segments of the population.”

  • BSc (Hons.), MBChB, PRINCE2, MSP, CITP. (Nigeria)
  • Qualified as a medical doctor in 1983.
  • Lived and worked in 4 countries on 3 continents (Africa, Europe and North America).
  • An accomplished medical, business and IT consultant.
  • Has provided high level and high value services to major corporations in the City of London, the UK National Health Service and large numbers of SMEs in the UK and other parts of the world.

Mrs Adenike Badmus

Chief Operations Officer

“Our primary motivation in this endeavour is the urge to do whatever we can to make the latter years of the elderly as meaningful, comfortable and beautiful as possible.”

  • Specialist Social Care Practitioner Consultant
  • LD Nurse, Advanced Social Worker and Specialist Best Interests Assessor
  • BA (Hons.) Music – 1987 (Nigeria).
  • B Sc. (Hons.) in Learning Disability Nursing and Social Work – 2007 (United Kingdom).
  • MA in Advanced Social Work – 2017 (United Kingdom).
  • Specialist Best Interests Assessor and Human Rights Advocate for vulnerable adults.

Mrs Lily Chibuzo

Director of Administration, Marketing & Hospitality

“My task is to maintain and develop an exceptional environment where our beloved elders thrive. A true home where they can laugh, play, be joyful and be at peace.”

  • BA (Hons.) Business Management and German (United Kingdom).
  • Experience in Business Consultancy, Administration, German to English Translation and Teaching.
  • Has worked in the UK and Germany, and speaks both English and German.
  • Focuses on creating a fantastic customer experience.
  • Has passion for making spaces look and feel beautiful.

Our Core Values

These 6 core values are the foundation of our service. Everything we do at @Ìtọ́jú is infused with these values:

  1. Trustworthiness
  2. Caring
  3. Competence
  4. Professionalism
  5. Joyfulness
  6. Reliability

When we say that we are committed to providing care to UK standards, we mean it. Our unique professional experience and qualifications make this possible.