Our Luxury Services & Pricing

Raising the bar for Elderly Care in Nigeria means striving for excellence.

Read below to learn how we do this.

Our Luxury Services & Pricing

Raising the bar for Elderly Care in Nigeria means striving for excellence.

Read below to learn how we do this.

We Personalise Care Professionally.

This means that all of our services are bespoke, i.e., tailored to each individual person.

We passionately insist that elders in our care are special individual human beings and cannot bear to regard them or their needs as another item on a list. We continue to provide personalised care, even as their needs evolve.

Our Luxury Senior Living Services Are:

1. Long-Term Residential Care

Sometimes, elders can no longer care for themselves independently, and need assistance with daily living tasks on a long-term basis.

At @Ìtọ́jú, we personalise the care that each elder requires depending on their unique needs.

You or your loved one will enjoy full board multi-star hotel-style accommodation with a private en-suite room. We ensure that seniors feel truly at home and love living here.

2. Short-Term Stay for Recuperation or Respite (at least 3 Months)

Some seniors only require a short period of time to recuperate after hospital treatment.

Or sometimes the elder’s primary carer, who tends to be a family member, needs respite in the form of a short-term break away from carer duties.

In these cases, seniors can still experience the exceptional care at @Ìtọ́jú, typically between 3 to 6 months.

Of course, they will also enjoy full board multi-star hotel-style accommodation with a private en-suite room.

What Makes Us Different

There are 8 key components of our premium-quality service.
In other words, there are 8 main reasons why elders love our luxury senior living service:

1. Trained Staff Who Care

The heart of our personalised care and service lies with our trained and qualified staff. Our elders deserve the best, so we hire the best. Personal care includes, but is not limited to:

  • Dignified assistance with activities of daily living by superbly trained and empathetic staff
  • Assistance with bathing, washing, and general grooming
  • Assistance with dressing and undressing
  • Assistance with incontinence challenges
  • Caring for skin generally and pressure areas specifically
  • Medication reminders and overall medicine management and support
  • Assistance with morning and evening routines for getting out of and into bed safely
  • Structured and unstructured daily living routines as applicable to each individual and specified in their bespoke comprehensive care plan
  • Laundry and housekeeping
  • Ensuring that seniors do not experience loneliness
  • Helping elders feel peace of mind

2. Nutritious Meals & Snacks Daily

We ensure that our elders consume nutritious and personalised meals and snacks every single day to keep them healthy.

All meals and healthy snacks are tailored to the elder’s needs and dietary requirements.

We know that food and nutrition is one of your main concerns; that’s why we don’t cut any corners. Our elders’ good health is our priority.

3. Safe, Serene & Secure Premises

We also know that security is another one of your top concerns. We take security extremely seriously, that’s why we have 3 levels of robust and reliable security.

To ensure that family members have additional peace of mind, we have created a secure audio-video technology platform for families anywhere in the world to communicate with their loved one in @Ìtọ́jú.

On top of all that, elders will feel relaxed and at peace here. They will enjoy the greenery and serenity of the compound. The soft breeze will make you think you are on Victoria Island.

Ready to See Our Beautiful Premises For Yourself?

4. 24/7 Electricity

You or your loved one will enjoy the luxury of having 24/7 light thanks to our robust and reliable infrastructure. Our residents enjoy 24/7 light.

Even if NEPA doesn’t supply electricity for 2 weeks, we at @Ìtọ́jú still have light. Our residents never carry last.

5. 9-Level Filtered Water

Our water is not only safe to drink, but also filtered on 9 levels. Yes, 9 levels.

This means it is even “purer” than bottled water you buy outside. You never have to worry about having enough water supply.

6. Entertainment, Games & Activities

If you want Netflix, we’ve got it. If you want to play Ayo, we’ve got it. If you want to try your hands at gardening, you can.

Our residents enjoy a wide range of fun activities that keep their hands moving and their minds stimulated. There are lots of opportunities for mental and social stimulation among peers.

It doesn’t end there – elders will also enjoy regular visits by entertainers, as well as outdoor visits to nearby parks, subject to risk assessment of each elder.

A happy mind is a healthy mind.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

7. Health Insurance and Regular Check-Ups

When it comes to health, all bases are covered. Our elders benefit from regular check-ups by trained and qualified physicians:

  • Monthly medical check-up by qualified Medical Doctor
  • Monthly assessment and necessary intervention by Physiotherapist

8. Government Licensed & Approved

We are a serious business, so we never cut corners. We conform to all Nigerian government regulations and standards – and even go above and beyond them.

Pricing of Our Luxury Senior Living

So how much would it cost to experience all of this luxury senior living goodness?

You or your loved one can have the @Ìtọ́jú experience, all-inclusive, from as low as
USD30 (or other currency equivalent) per day.

Why Choose Us?

We set ourselves apart with our commitment to providing the best possible care for our beloved elders in Nigeria.

We believe that fundamentally, ageing is not a disease!

There may be associated ill-health but these can be managed sensitively and on a case-by-case basis, using a person-centred approach.

Aging is a natural process. Elders should not have to give up their high quality of life just because of their age.

Instead, we believe elders should experience a new happy, joyful and peaceful phase of their lives – at @Ìtọ́jú we call this their “golden age“.

Our starting point is therefore NOT the clinical model but is instead the social care and hospitality model. Our services are bespoke and fully personalised, because no two elders are the same!

Our services are comprehensive and integrated, since the needs of our elders are multidimensional.

Even though we follow the technical and outcome requirements and benchmarks applicable in the United Kingdom, we insist on being human and are fully grounded. We treat every elder entrusted to us as if they were our biological relatives.

In fact, we prefer to relate to them as and call them family. Because of this, we drum it into our staff that Ma and Pa must be sensitively and professionally looked after at all times.

No one messes with our elders; absolutely no one!

To make sure that all our staff have that philosophy top-of-mind at all times, we mandate constant training and re-training in our purpose-built training facility.

Our unique services have been designed from the ground up to provide the elders in our care as well as their relatives at home and abroad complete peace of mind and satisfaction.

Supplementary & Partner Services

Supplementary services are additional to our core services. They are always bespoke, being tailored to the specific needs of each one of our elders:

  • Specialist Dementia Care – Highly personalised 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 care (as appropriate)
  • Pressure sore management
  • Specialist Medical Review – As needed.

Partner services, on the other hand, are externally provided and additional to our core or supplementary services. They are always bespoke, being tailored to the specific needs of each one of our elders.

  • Physiotherapy
  • Non-routine Doctors’ and Specialists’ consultations, visits and services
  • Procurement and supply of medical and non-medical devices
  • Consultation with Nutrition Specialist
  • Mindfulness and Wellness services

Pricing of these supplementary and partner services really depends on the specific needs of each elder and can only be determined following creation of a detailed assessment and care plan.

The Onboarding Process

We take our responsibilities to the elders entrusted us as well as their relatives extremely seriously. That is why we have a comprehensive on-boarding process for the various services that we provide.

Below is a summary of our onboarding process:

1. Initial Questionnaire

The process kicks off with the completion by the elder or their relative of an initial questionnaire.

Click here for the form. Please email the completed questionnaire to care@atitoju.com

2. Visit Us

After we review the completed questionnaire, we have detailed phone discussions with the elder and/or their relative.

A date and time for a visit is then mutually agreed.

3. Comprehensive Care Plan

A full assessment is carried out on our premises (either during the initial visit or at another mutually agreed time).

Using our expert knowledge, we then draw up a comprehensive, bespoke care plan that will address all the unique needs of the elder. This is then discussed with both the elder and their relative(s).

Costs are also finalised and payment arrangements agreed.

4. Medical Assessment

Once the first agreed payment is confirmed received, a full medical examination with relevant tests is arranged.

Results are of course discussed with the elder and their relative(s).

5. Move In!

Now that all of the information has been carefully examined, the senior can now move in and start enjoying life to the fullest!

To ensure that relatives are kept in the loop, there will be monthly review meetings for the first three months, after which there will be quarterly meetings (or more frequently if needed).

So, are you ready to take the first step?